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The Pinker Tones & Quartet Brossa (foto

Leon is a project co-led by The Pinker Tones and the string quartet Quartet Brossa, based on the life of the russian inventor and musician Leon Theremin.


The centenial of his most famous creation, the Theremin, is a magnificent circumstance for this purpose.  Having been a long term obsession for both Pinker Tones, Salva Rey and Alex Llovet, the opportunity to work in depth with the Theremin –the first electronic instrument ever built– came with the approach of Quartet Brossa, who wanted to record an electronic album, and were looking for ideas and partners. When The Pinker Tones presented them with the idea of creating a musical biography of Leon Theremin, they immediately agreed, blown away not only by the fact that Theremin was also a cello player, but also because of the intensity of his biography. Although being the father of electronic music, and having left behind an astonishing amount of inventions, he has never had the fame nor recognition that other great minds of our recent past such as Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, or Alan Touring have received. And his is one of the most astonishing biographies of the XX century. During the composition process it became clear that the way to express the richness and the contrasts of such a life, had to go beyond the collaboration of Quartet Brossa and The Pinker Tones. The first and obvious addment was a theremin player, and after that a vocal quartet to imperson a greek choir, who would talk to Leon and the audience. On the live show, the projection of visuals and the dance choreographies have been the final elements to close the circle. Both, the album and the life show will be released in 2019. The project was awarded with the “Puig Porret” Grant in 2018.

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