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The Pinker Tones were born as a creative duo, rather than a band.


Let’s say they were born in a homestudio, not in rehearsal room. And that has been a key element to the longevity of the project. Alex Llovet and Salva Rey are two creative minds constantly searching for new creative challenges. This might also be the reason for their eclectic and colourful career: productions, remixes, soundtracks for TV, film & videogames, advertisement... You name it, they’ve probably done it. Besides a long list of Pinker Tones songs in modern classics such as Entourage, Ugly Betty or Flash Gordon, they have scored a number of diferent projects, ranging all the way from the VW short film “Baby gestures” to the slapstick Spanish comedy of Berto Romero and Andreu Buenafuente in the feature film "El Pregón" (2016).   

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