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In 2012, the same year of their last electronic release, The Pinker Tones decided to develop a childrens Project that crystalized with Flor & Rolf, a series of CD books for the family.


Four volumes have already been pulished: Flor & Rolf, Flor and Rolf in the Arctic Circle, Flor & Rolf in London and Flor and Rolf in the Amazon. The first volume of the series is already an evergreen of spanish children’s literature, and is now in its fifth edition. Their first aim with the series is to put out excellent music for children, with the same resources and production value that good music for adults has. But The Pinker Tones also use the series to transmit positive values; the respect for diversity and the respect for nature are two angular stones of the series. Flor & Rolf has also been a great chance to collaborate with many of the amazing artists The Pinker Tones have met along the way. Flor & Rolf allstars include: Manu Chao, Albert Pla, Alex Borstein, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Moreno Veloso, Judit Nedderman, Adrià Salas (La Pegatina), Virginia Maestro, Pere Jou (4RT Primera), David Brown (Brazzaville), Xavi Lozano, Jon Cottle, Juzz Ubach, Landry el Rumbero, Eva Wikström, Clara Cortés and Dj. Niño who also plays with them live.

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